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Brazilian Central Bank

Soundvision Chooses Community ENTASYS for State-of-the-Art Auditoria
The Brazilian Central Bank headquarters, located in the capital city of Brasilia’s tallest building, has recently renovated two of its key auditoria. The institution is responsible for the success of Brazilian economic policy, so the auditoria are attended by many leaders of Brazilian finance. The two auditoria, Denio Nogueira and Octavio Gouvêa de Bulhões, underwent a complete refit that included construction, décor and furnishing by Almeida França Engenharia. State-of-the-art audio, video, conference and automation systems were installed for the auditoria by Soundvision Eng. de Áudio e Vídeo. The systems were conceived and designed by Fernando Gargantini, systems manager, Leandro Freire, commercial manager and Tadeu Torquato, general director. Fernando Gargantini shared the project management with Ricardo Maraldi, systems manager.